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Our Services

We offer you the reassurance of comprehensive core cover, and the flexibility of additional modules to build a plan which fits your needs.

Our Services


  • Contracting and managing an exten – sive and geographically spread provider network in order to provide subscribers/ beneficiaries with easy access to care
  • Negotiating preferred fees (lower than the going rates) with health care providers, which translate into significant  savings to clients ( insurance companies and self – funded programs).
  • Adjudicating claims through a process that involves medical audits based on internationally recognized medical protocols that examine the appropriateness of requested medical procedures and drug treatment.
  • Performing financial audits and pro-cessing payments to providers.
  • Managing hospital admissions based on internationally adopted medical protocols.
  • Performing utilization and case management reviews
  • Providing self- funded programs and insurance companies with consultative services that include costing and mea-surement of policy feasibility.
  • Performing all administrative, health expense management, and reporting tasks on behalf of clients
  • Healthcare Assistance services
  • Evaluation services

A guide on how to register a complaint

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    For members with Essential Benefits Plan, please call us on (967)1 412512/412606/416712 or mobile No. (967) 737222013
  • Fax

    Please fax all your queries and complaints to (967)1 421270
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    For members: 
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    Iran Street, opposite Al-Boustan Hotel, Hadda, P. O. Box: 11111, Sana'a, Yemen

Quick Faq

When you need treatment, call our Customer Care Team. We can help you arrange your treatment plan, and point you in the right direction, saving you the time and hassle of looking for a hospital, clinic or medical practitioner yourself. We appreciate that there will be times when it will not be practical or possible for a beneficiary to contact us for prior approval (for example, emergencies, or when a family member is suddenly sick and the priority is to get treatment for them as soon as possible). In circumstances like these, we ask that you or the affected beneficiary get in touch with us 48 hours after treatment has been sought, so that we can confirm whether treatment is covered and arrange settlement with your provide

How to Work with Us

For information regarding the Essential Benefits Plan, please contact us at

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Why Choose Us?

- Integrated web based software
- Efficient monitoring and Control
- Cost controlling and Analysis
- Lowe cost of health lnsurance
- Cashless facilitation at over 35 hospi- tals/ nursing homes / medicine shops/diagnostic centres in 20 Cities
- Web enabling for claims tracking and on- line access
- Medical team
- Claims control and cost containment services to insurer, lowering the claim ratios
- Second medical opinions to ensure that appropriate medical care is admin istered
- Ability to identify and reprise out – of – network claims in order to achieve finan cial savings

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Where to find us?


Iran Street, opposite Al-Bustan Hotel, Hadda, Sana'a, Yemen

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fax : (967)1-425456


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